We love spreading happiness and being happy together. Life is wonderful and we want you to remember that! That is why we have been working on something that is going to make everyone happy. The one thing that is used to spread joy, to celebrate happiness in our lives.

Cake (Rewards)

The more volume, the more $cake rewards you all get! Every buy returns 7% back to the holders, every sell 21% you can keep your celebratory creme pat's, your champions cinnamon swirls and your delicious  danish pastries, because this one is all about the $CAKE rewards.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CakeFactory.

Rewards Outlet


In order to become part of our flour-loving family, your sugar bag will be taxed. This way, we make sure that all holders love the rewards and our family keeps growing. The rest of the tax goes towards the butter pool, also called the liquidity pool, to make the price more stable.  

  • Buys: 10% tax, 7 for the family members and 3% for the LP
  • Sells: 30% tax, 21% for all our lovely members and 9% for the LP